Our General Manager

Winter Solstice marks a crucial turning point in nature and the life of our co-op. From December 21, the shortest, darkest day of the year, the sun slowly has been climbing and daylight has been returning.

The cold winter months of January, February and March at the co-op traditionally are our leanest months, a time to plan and to generate excitement for what’s next.

Welcome to 2017!p1060884-1

Board president Pia Lopez and vice president Jim Degiovanni are sharing management duties on a volunteer basis for the first quarter of the year.

We have a very capable and dedicated assistant manager in Addie Carlson; enthusiastic part-time staff in Lisa Baker and Jackie Tobler; and energetic student workers in Anne Gleich, Brian Koch, Seth Peterson and Katie Stelzner.

We also have a faithful and devoted crew of volunteers — and always are looking for more.
Your co-op in the last year celebrated its 5th Anniversary with 300 people, great music and food! We have been a model of frugality, nurturing the old-fashioned values of making do with what we can afford. As we enter 2017, our sixth year, we are a low-budget, do-it-yourself sweat-equity enterprise, not a capital-intensive mega-operation.

In 2016, we were a break-even enterprise, focused on the basics. In 2017, we aim to continue building on this foundation, as we increase our revenue and expand our offerings.

You can be sure of the foods you buy at the co-op. No pesticides, no herbicides, no petro-chemical fertilizers in the produce. No hormones or antibiotics in the meats. Food animals treated humanely.

In January, we are enjoying winter soups, root vegetables, wild caught fish, free-range turkey, and re-learning bulk grains (like black rice, an ancient grain known as “forbidden rice”).

With your help, 2017 will be a year focused on engaging with our members, expanding our inventory and increasing our sales. Your face-to-face recommendations, as well as your presence in the store as shoppers and volunteers, are the best advertising we have. In 2017, we want the Minnesota Street Market to be a friendly, community gathering place, in addition to a place to buy food and art!

Hours: Mon–Fri 9 am–7 pm · Sat 10 am–6 pm · Sun 11 am–6 pm
Location: 27 West Minnesota Street, St. Joseph, MN 56374 · Mailing Address: PO Box 397, St. Joseph, MN 56374
(320) 363-7733 · info@mnstreetmarket.com