Our General Manager

Pia Lopez has been our General Manager since mid-January 2020. Before that she was Board President for 4 years.

She has been active in the transition from 2011 founding/start-up phase of the St. Joseph food & art cooperative to the next stage.

Pia comes to the Market with a background in teaching and journalism, including covering local community affairs, food and agriculture, community development and environmental issues.  As a Peace Corps Volunteer in the 1980s, she worked with a rural community in Swaziland, Southern African, to start a chicken cooperative.

With your help, 2021 will be a year focused on engaging with our members, expanding our inventory and increasing our sales. Your face-to-face recommendations, as well as your presence in the store as shoppers and volunteers, are the best advertising we have. In 2021, we want the Minnesota Street Market to be a friendly, community gathering place, in addition to a place to buy food and art!

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