Coffee, Chocolate, Candy

You can get fair trade & organic coffee at the market as well as slow roasted, stone ground chocolates and handcrafted caramel candies.

Big Water Coffee, Bayfield, Wisconsin (Devil DCF, Midnight, Moon Chaser, Pedal Pusher, Red Beard, Sea Smoke, Seasonal)
Muggsy’s Beans, St. Cloud, Minnesota (Bennie Blend)
Peace Coffee, Minneapolis, Minnesota (Birchwood Blend, Dark Decaf, Espresso, Guatemalan Dark)
Sweet Jules Gifts, St. Joseph, Minnesota (Sweet Jules Caramels)
Terroir Chocolate, Fergus Falls, Minnesota (Belize Chocolate, Cafe Au Lait Chocolate, Lavender Chocolate, Madagascar Chocolate, Oko Caribe Chocolate, Salty Nibber Chocolate, Maple Toffee Chocolate)

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