What is a Co-op?

A cooperative is a member-owned, member-governed business that operates for the benefit of its member/owners according to common principles agreed upon by the greater cooperative community. The goal of a co-op is to provide ethically-sound and environmentally conscious goods and services that the community needs at a rate they can afford. The Minnesota Street Market will sell primarily local food and art.

Why should I shop the Market?

It’s local

A co-op is a place run for the community and by the community. It’s a place where people can come together to support each other, as well as local farmers and artisans. This helps to keep small farmers in business, cuts down on the ecological footprint of food transportation, and keeps money in the local community.

It’s healthy and wholesome

The food sold at the co-op will be primarily organic, meaning that it is grown and produced without harmful chemicals and with minimal adverse effects on the land. And because most of the food comes from local sources, it will be fresh and retain nutrients.

It’s economical

Besides the owner discounts, co-ops can save you money by purchasing goods locally and in bulk. This way, you don’t have to pay for long-distance shipment of the food, and it comes to you at an affordable rate. Bulk purchases also help to minimize the use of wasteful packaging; if you bring your own reusable containers, you can work toward minimizing your own waste as well.

It’s part of the community

Located at the heart of Minnesota Street, this co-op helps to maintain the thriving downtown St. Joseph community. It provides a hub where we can see old neighbors and meet new ones!

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