Member Owners

The Minnesota Street Market is a cooperative business owned by its members. We would like to invite you to become a Member Owner!

Co-op ownership means putting your dollars where your values are: healthy, wholesome food and supporting local farmers, producers and artists. The Minnesota Street Market is owned and controlled by its member owners.

Member Owners of the Minnesota Street Market Food & Art Co-op get to:

• Buy high quality local, bulk, organic and whole foods.
• Participate in a democratically-run business where, as a voting Member Owner, your voice counts.
• Strengthen the local economy and build community by supporting local farmers and producers.
• Receive weekly emails about in-store specials and a bi-monthly newsletter.
• Volunteer at the co-op for personal growth and to strengthen the community.
• Get special discounts.

Click to see Member Benefits.

A basic principle of cooperatives is member economic participation

To become a member, you buy $100 worth of share of voting stock.

All businesses need some base capital to buy inventory, finance operations, pay for new equipment and new technology, and respond to unplanned events and opportunities. In our cooperative, the members, through their equity ownership shares, provide an essential financial foundation to our community-owned business. It starts with you!

Become a Member — It’s Easy!

• Fill out the membership application. You can pick up an application at the store. Or you can click on the Member Application Form to download our membership application, including an option for Student Membership.
• List a primary name on each membership. List up to six adults or teenagers (16 or older) living in your household.
• Bring your application and payment to the Minnesota Street Market. We accept cash, check, debit or credit card. If you cannot pay the full share amount at once, contact us to set up a payment plan.
• Or mail your application and check to: Minnesota Street Market, PO Box 397, St. Joseph MN 56374.
• Membership is subject to the by-laws of the association (See the Bylaws in the About Us section)

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