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Your food and art co-op currently is governed by a Board of Directors who are elected by the member-owners. According to our bylaws (Article III, Section 1), we must have “no less than five (5) and no more than twenty (20)” members. Board directorship is an excellent way to represent the member-owners and to participate in building a successful cooperative venture.

Each year at our May Annual Meeting, we elect board members. We seek people who have passion and are willing to donate their “time, treasure and talent” to get our co-op to the next stage.

Board directorship is an excellent way to participate in creating a successful cooperative venture. If you are interested in serving, or know someone who would benefit the co-op by serving, please download the application here.  Please return to Hunter Grosse (huntergrosse@gmail.com).

Expectations:  The term of office is three years. Attendance at the monthly board meeting is expected. We currently meet at 5:30 pm on the second Wednesday of the month. Board members also are expected to serve on one committee: Finance, Marketing, Events or Volunteer Committee.

Our current board members are:

  • Hunter Grosse, President: “I’ve been shopping at co-ops since 2007 when I first discovered them while attending college in Moscow, Idaho. My background is with small retail as well as being a small business owner since 2013. Upon moving to St. Joseph in 2017, I became a member and have been doing my best to support the Minnesota Street Market since. My goals as board president are to ensure the financial viability of co-op, expand the number of affordable foods offered to ensure that all community members can meet their basic needs at the co-op, and to increase community engagement. Having moved to the region recently, I would also like to continue learning about regional agriculture and all that Minnesota has to offer.” Elected in 2021 for a 3 year term ending in 2024
  • Jim Degiovanni, Vice President: A retired lawyer, Jim is now a small-scale farmer concentrating primarily on “hot weather” crops like tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants and peppers, as well as Icelandic lamb raised on pasture during the growing months. Jim and his wife Mary started their farming activities more than 10 years ago and operate under the name Dancing Bears Farm. They sell lamb and produce at the St. Joseph Farmers Market and a couple of local restaurants as well as to the Minnesota Street Market. They use no chemical herbicides, pesticides, or fertilizers and practice sustainable methods such as crop rotation and biological diversity. Jim supports the cooperative’s efforts to offer locally grown chemical-free produce from small farms and is grateful for the impact of the store on the vitality of the original downtown Saint Joseph. Elected in 2019 for a 3 year term ending in 2022
  • Patricia Weishaar, Secretary: Has lived and worked in central Minnesota for 25 years, and wants to support an amazing mix of good things around her: local music, local food, local artists, events and opportunities that strengthen good will and bring delight. When people gather for good things, good things multiply. The Minnesota Street Market is a people-gathering-place; let’s multiply the good! Elected in 2019 for a 3 year term ending in 2022
  • Derik Weldon: A physician, working as a neuroradiologist and medical director of the Center for Diagnostic Imaging in Sartell, Derik has lived in St. Joseph since 2015.   His first experience with co-ops and the value that they bring to their communities was in Iowa City, where we lived from 2003-2008.  The New Pioneer Co-op is an Iowa City treasure — from the garden plots it rents, to the locally grown food it sells and teaches people to cook, to the sense of community one feels when shopping there.  Derik is excited to help the Minnesota Street Market continue to grow as a treasure for the St. Joseph community: “We have such a close connection to the land in this part of the Minnesota.  As a member of the board, and drawing also on my medical and public health backgrounds, I am excited to show how our local food, grown/raised and cooked healthfully, can make a real difference in people’s lives. The long-term economic viability of the Minnesota Street Market is of concern to me, and I would like to devote some of my time while on the board to that area.” Derik brings a unique business perspective to the Market, and is particularly interested in collaborating with other local businesses in St. Joseph and the surrounding area. Elected in 2021 for a 3 year term ending in 2024
  • Kathy Doyle: Has lived in the Collegeville and St. Joseph area all her life and has been a homeowner in St. Joseph since 2000.  She works as the bookkeeper at Forest Mushrooms, one of our co-op producers.  She became a member of the co-op about a year and a half ago, inspired by Barbara Kingsolver’s book “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle” about local foods.  She writes: “I joined just in time for the renovation and repainting last year, and thoroughly enjoyed the community spirit I discovered while volunteering for that project with other members. I am excited about the direction St. Joseph is heading, with lots of local business and activity downtown.  And I’m proud to be the source of one of Pia’s favorite slogans:  ‘Food tastes better when you know the person who grew it.’  It’s true!  And that’s why I want to contribute whatever I can to help the Market succeed and grow.” Elected in 2021 for a 3 year term ending in 2024
  • Megan McNair: Has lived in St. Joseph for 20 years. She enjoys being outside and active in her community. She’s served on the Good Earth Co-op Board of Directors and is on the Collegeville Township Planning Committee. “I strongly believe in the Cooperative Principles,” she says, “so active participation is important to me. I am excited to assist the Minnesota Street Market in continuing to be a viable place for people to shop for sustainably grown, organic, local food and mercantile items. It is important to me that we support the best practices possible for our people and our environment.” Filling the remainder of a term ending in 2023
  • Ray Sjogren: A social worker by profession, Ray is active in community with St. Joseph Y2K Lions, chairman of the Winterwalk committee and more. He is interested in promoting community engagement and financial stability at the co-op. Serves on the finance committee. Elected in 2019 for a 3 year term ending in 2022
  • Rachel Brodeur: Rachel is the Sustainability Director at the College of St. Benedict. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Sciences from Luther College, served as a MN GreenCorps member in Lake County, where she conducted outreach and education on waste reduction and proper recycling initiatives. Filling the remainder of a term ending in 2023

Past board members are: Judy Purman, Sue Alexander, Mark Bjorke, Andy Dirksen, Mary Ellenbecker Johnson, Rita DeZurik, Mary Niedenfuer, Jeff Engholm, Anna Mercedes, Lisa Lindgren, Ellie McCann, Jared Smith, Jami Trenam, Chris Bernard, Hope Klocker, Alex Chocholousek, Curtis Weinrich, Myra Schrup, Rhonda Goldstone, Geoffrey Tabakin, Marcia Allard, Kris Vonnegut, John Merkle, Terri Johnson, Elissa Brown, Pia Lopez, Grant Stromgren, Danee Voss.

Hours: 9 am – 7 pm · Seven days a week
Location: 27 West Minnesota Street, St. Joseph, MN 56374 · Mailing Address: PO Box 397, St. Joseph, MN 56374
(320) 363-7733 · info@mnstreetmarket.com
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