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The Minnesota Street Market is your hub for local food, art, and education for sustainable living, fostering community connections between land and people.

Our community-owned store sells local food and local art in the historic Loso’s Family Grocery Store (1899-2010) in downtown St. Joseph, Minnesota. 

If you’d like to learn more, read our About section.

Pia Lopez Retiring, New General Manager Announced

After Pia Lopez announced her upcoming retirement, the Minnesota Street Market board of directors conducted a search and has hired a new general manager.

Amie Stockholm will formally start on Monday, but she’s already rolled up her sleeves ready to work this week! She brings years of grocery, leadership and management skills to the table.

Amie grew up a foodie, and enjoys gardening and baking, including gluten-free baking. She worked five years at the Good Earth Co-op and five years at Fresh Thyme in St. Cloud.  She is a graduate of Paynesville High School and St. Cloud State University.   

“I am endlessly interested in food,” she says.  “Food politics.  Food science.  The local food economy. Food systems.”

Most recently she’s been working in vitamins and body care, but loves the bulk department. “I love putting all the pieces together as far as cooking, recipes, buying only what you need, using reusable bags.”

She’s drawn to the Minnesota Street Market for “its connection with people and the local community, and the opportunity to support people developing their businesses and their dreams whether they’re producers or artists or employees.”

She loves the relationship with the university and the arts community, making sure we’re part of all the downtown events. Post-pandemic, she’d like to build on the Market as a gathering place for people.

She believes in focusing on the “hyper-local”, featuring unique local products and being a destination for people to see what’s new.  

“Keep it dynamic and keep people interested,” she says.

Please join us in welcoming Amie to the Minnesota Street Market and congratulating Pia on her retirement and five years of service as general manager. Pia heads out Friday on a two-week trip in the Great Smoky Mountains and when she returns will help in an advisory capacity during the transition.

“I am really excited to get to know everyone and be part of the community,” says Amie.  Drop by and say hello!

ANNUAL MEETING: 2021, 2022 and Beyond

Thank you to all who made our Annual Meeting a hit.  We met in-person for the first time since 2019.  

The Milk & Honey Ciders outdoor facility was fabulous. More than 100 people attended, lots of young families with kids, plus older folks.  Great potluck food (as usual!).  Zach’s music, both original and popular songs, was superb. 

The salmon, pork, beef, chicken, mushrooms and a Flour & Flower pie Door Prizes were a hit.  

Five new people became members.  And each received a special Steely mug with our logo. 

A big thank you to outgoing Board members Jim Degiovanni, Patty Weishaar and Ray Sjogren.  

Jim and Patty’s long service provided stability, continuity, a hard-work ethic and can-do attitude to our enterprise.  Ray brought new energy, good questioning about our finances at a key time, a consistent commitment on Saturday evenings to keep our store clean and looking bright — and he made our 10th Anniversary last year special by commissioning a Mary Bruno hand letterpress commemorative poster and a Mo Philippi commemorative sticker.  Both are collectibles!

And a new Mo Philippi collectible sticker for 2022 still is available. At our front counter.

General Manager Pia Lopez presented the Annual Report at the meeting.  We vastly improved performance in 2020 compared to 2019.  And 2021 was even better than 2020. We have had steady sales growth in the last two years, and have worked hard to keep expenses in line. We have been able to buy some much-needed equipment and do more promotion and outreach.

Special thanks to newly elected Board members Gary Bechtold, Stacey Titus Rauch, Joe Degiovanni and, student member, Addison Fraze. They come aboard at a key time to make us better in 2022 and beyond. Onward!