Bulk and Grain

Buying in bulk is a great way to save on cost, reduce packaging and keep your ingredients fresh by only buying what you need.

How to shop in bulk:
Grab a bag. Fill it with as much as you need. Write the product number (or PLU).

If shopping with YOUR OWN container:
Grab your container or bag. Weigh it on the bulk scale at the cash register. Write down the weight on your container— we won’t charge you for the weight of the container. Fill it with as much as you need.  Write the product number (or PLU) on the container.

Swany White Mill, Freeport, Minnesota (Wild Rice Flour, Brown Flax, Whole Wheat Flour, All Purpose White Flour, Local Oats)
White Earth Nation, White Earth, Minnesota (Wild Rice)
Whole Grain Milling, Welcome, Minnesota (Harvest Grains pancake mix, waffle and corncake mix)
Knocker’s Gold, Northern Minnesota (Wild rice)

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