Current Exhibit

Katie Webster, Ceramics

Katie WebsterCeramic forms with delicate line drawings are Katie’s passion: “I strive to create pieces that can be easily incorporated into the home and functional art has always been a driving force. Organic lines, shapes and textures found within this body of work reflect my love of nature, art nouveau, and the continual sources of inspiration I observe on a daily basis.”

Caron Lage, Quilting

IMG_3450A resident of St Cloud, Caron has been sewing since childhood. Fanciful wardrobes at first, and now funky quilts. Her distinctive fiber art explores color and texture while challenging the boundaries of traditional quiltmaking.

Dave Glenn, Pottery

GlennPotteryFunctional artwork to be used daily.  Dave Glenn of St. Cloud creates primarily high-fired stoneware decorated with 12th and 15th century Chinese- and Japanese-style glazes.  He also works with pit-firing techniques of Southwest Native Americans and raku firings of Japanese tea ware.  His artwork, he writes, “is influenced by the folk arts and traditions of indigenous cultures, which I was exposed to as I grew up.” In that tradition, he continues, “People who use the artwork know the artists — there is a personal attachment in each piece.”

Wes Hanvy, Woodwork

IMG_3354Reading the Hobbit 40 years ago ingrained in Wes Hanvy of Sauk Centre a desire to “manipulate the power permeating raw wood without breaking its spirit.” Nearing retirement from veterinary medicine (“cow doctor”), he has had a “lifelong fantasy of creating non-conformist, living wooden pieces … without constraint of right angles or convention,” allowing the “slab itself to direct the final form.” The wood in his pieces in this exhibit began life pre-Vietnam War as an ash tree in his north yard “until a malicious summer gale slapped her off her roots.”  Hanvy describes himself as originally a “ridge running stump jumper from Sheep Neck Holler near Columbia in Middle Tennessee.”

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